Wistful Haze Candle

Iris | Amber | Bergamot

Amber with floral-citrus twist

As the haze settles in the valley, a dreamy feeling drifts into the soul.

For some it could be contemplative or hopeful, for others it may bring a sense of reflection. Watching over the landscape and seeing the indistinctness that nature has clouded us in brings with it a sense of grounding, of earthy ritual.

The resinous notes of amber smell like its opulent colour – rich, spicy & tonal. The scent of Amber is often created using Labdanum resin which is itself a complex scent.

To balance the addictive and rich amber notes, we have the glorious Iris and florally-citrus note of Bergamot.


Your candle will arrive in a black vessel

All our candles are made with an Eco System wax made from Rapeseed & Soy and under British License. We pair it with professionally blended oils and a simple cotton wick.
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Important Information

The medium candle has a burn time of approx 35 hours

The votive candle has a burn time of approx 18 hours

Our Medium Candles weigh approx 170g (net)

Our Votive Candles weigh approx 70g (net)

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