Alternative social-media strategy

At Evoqua, we're all about connecting directly with our customers and the world around us.

We're constantly on the lookout for the latest communication tools and developments to make those connections even better.

When it comes to choosing platforms, we're all about transparency. We want to trust that the platforms we use are clear about how they make money and how they handle our data.

Trust is key for us. We want to know that the platforms we partner with are committed to keeping users safe from harm, harassment, and manipulation.

Privacy matters. We're not into platforms that sneakily use our data or engage in shady practices.

We're all about promoting positivity and wellness and want to partner with platforms that don’t boost engagement by pushing negative content, fake news, or ‘vanity metrics’.

Just like with anything else, we believe in balance. We're into platforms that encourage healthy usage patterns and don't try to hook us in for hours on end.

Our choices might change over time as new platforms pop up, but our values won't. We'll always prioritise platforms that align with our mission of genuine connections, transparency, and well-being.