About Evoqua

I am proud that I've built the business on the back of the values that I have been brought up with as a family, and I felt it was important to share these with you


We love real mountains – not the ones created by unnecessary landfill. That’s why we have mindfully and compassionately designed and sourced products, packaging and postage materials that are recyclable, compostable, bio-degradable, or ‘repurposeable’ so we don’t need to add more waste to the environment (wherever possible).


Loyalty to our family, friends, clients, stockists, suppliers and collaborators – sits as the heart of what we do. We like to bring a  human side to our business and enjoy working with others who also love to laugh, relax and spend time building a relationship. We are about the people, and as such we will treat you and yours with honesty, integrity and transparency. It’s also what we expect back from others. It’s a two-way street that we love to walk.


We have been raised to be kind to people, the environment and to animals. As children we always had an eclectic menagerie of pets and the love of nature continues to grow the older we get! We believe there is a space for us all on this planet – and have therefore created and sourced products that are fully inclusive, that consider the environment and yet still look beautiful within the home or workplace. This is the foundation from which we have we started the business and the anchor from which we revert back to when we need to make a decision. It’s that important to us.

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