Field & Flower

Lily | Vetiver | Lavender

As you light the wick of our Field & Flower candle, a gentle breeze seems to weave through the room, carrying with it the warmth of a sun-drenched meadow.

The delicate fragrance of lilies dances in the air, reminiscent of a field blooming under the morning rays.

Lavender whispers its calming melody, wrapping you in a soothing embrace, as if you're wandering through fields of these gloriously abundant blooms.

Vetiver adds depth to the scent, evoking images of tall grass swaying in the breeze, while moss blankets the earth beneath your feet, grounding you in the earthy yet tranquil serenity of the forest floor.

Finally, the warm, woody notes of cedarwood linger, like the comforting embrace of an ancient tree, enveloping you in a sense of peace and harmony with nature.

With each breath, you are transported to a serene landscape, where the beauty of the outdoors unfolds around you, inviting you to relax and rejuvenate in its embrace.

A calming blend of Fresh, Floral & Woody notes

All our candles are made with an Eco System wax made from Rapeseed & Soy and under British License. We pair it with professionally blended oils and a simple cotton wick.
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Important Information

The medium candle has a burn time of approx 35 hours

The votive candle has a burn time of approx 18 hours

Our Medium Candles weigh approx 170g (net)

Our Votive Candles weigh approx 70g (net)

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